We are excited to announce the reopening our church for masses and other celebrations of the sacraments starting on Sunday, the 7th of June 2020. We are approved to accommodate 75 persons at a time. Please check the page provided for mass schedule.

Tenemos la alegría de anunciar la apertura del nuestro templo para las misas y otras celebraciones del los sacramentos a partir del domingo, el 7 de junio 2020. Hemos sido aprobados para acomodar 75 personas en cada misa. Por favor de consultar la pagina para el horario de las misas.

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12 Noon – El Angelus y El Santo Rosario

3 PM – La Coronilla a La Divina Misericordia

6PM – La Santa Misa/The Holy Mass

9PM – Rosary, Exposition and Benediction/El Santo Rosario, La Exposición Y Bendición Eucarística


Saint Francis of Assisi Gift Store is temporarily closed

Saint Francis Gift Store
Come and browse the store and see the variety of Beautiful Statues, Rosaries, Art work, Crucifixes, Prayer books and Bibles set the tone for the Catholic way of life. Our inspirational products will brighten the day of anyone who receives them. Our Gift store is located inside the Pastoral Center office and open during office hours